This “new” is mainly about the new size of the show and in two ways – two new exhibition halls help to reflect the external growth, the much more focused energy that has been steadily intensifying over the years reflects the internal growth.


For many years, opti has boasted a business focus that is transparent, structured and effectively quantifiable, its atmosphere is positively charged, inspiring and trendsetting. Such a heady combination is unique within the industry, positioning opti ahead of its field.

This feeling of being at home meets with good old virtues: structure, planning security and absolute reliability.
The new Look & Feel merges the business aspirations of opti with its atmospheric arts of seduction.
We are combining our evolving values to a new, larger dimension. Bringing them to a common, new wavelength. One that resonates higher, reaches further, makes it clearer
that opti is an international trade show for the entire optics industry, rolling good vibrations and good business into one!


Whether exhibitor or visitor, whether variety of offers or depth of expertise, whether good-humoured group dynamics or private business transactions,
the new opti presents itself with a clear awareness of the demands of all stakeholders and of our responsibility as an industry trade show.

As a brand that has become even stronger, it makes a clear promise to all parties involved – whoever is part of our community gets everything according to plan. Because from the extra-wide smile to the extra-large deal, it’s #notbychance.


We have fundamentally modernised the new, external appearance and adapted it to the design zeitgeist. The clear focus on your issues, coupled with high emotionality manifests itself in visual aesthetics that are both opulent and very accurate.

The honeycomb geometry creates order and ensures clear structures. At the same time, the design language allows for creative scope for something new and unexpected. The very thing that generates this typical show feeling.

The logo contains the year to clearly illustrate that opti is always a format of its time. As a trade show it is becoming more agile and can pay tribute to current design trends in its communication and offers. At the same time, the date is an expression of planning in the very best sense – year after year.


opti IS


“The future is no coincidence” –
a claim that we used to accompany
the entire opti community in the
weeks following the last trade show.
Now it’s here at last – the new opti!

Over the coming weeks
and months familiarise
yourself with the new
Look & Feel brand and
you will realise
it has nothing to do
with coincidence!